Alltucker Receives Endorsement from Eugene Weekly

Alltucker got our nod for what we see as an ability to understand Lane County’s many political sides, and come out on the side of the students and education.”

Headshot of Kevin Alltucker, wearing a brown jacket against a gray backdrop in a photography studio.

Photo by Todd Cooper, Eugene Weekly

Prioritizing Access for All

I’m running for the Lane Community College Board of Education, Position 6 (at-large) because I want to help LCC become an even better resource for our community. I will work to increase access to education for all students, increase support for students, and work with local businesses to increase job training programs so that students can obtain meaningful employment after graduating from LCC. I am a long-time Lane County resident and a proud alumnus of LCC.

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“Kevin has a proven track record as an outstanding educator and community volunteer. He will be a strong addition to the LCC board.”

– Nancy Golden

Former Chief Education Officer, State of Oregon
Former Superintendent, Springfield School District

“LCC will be well served by having Kevin on the board. His focus will be on students and, no matter where they are in life, helping them achieve their dreams.”

– Mary Spilde, former LCC President


Alltucker Receives Top Score in Chamber Election Guide

The Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce recently completed their 2023 Election Guide, which rates candidates based on written responses to an array of questions, as well as in responses to an in-person interview.

The guide itself provides insight to many of the races in the upcoming election in May. Overall, Alltucker received an average score of 9.3, leading all candiates for the LCC Board of Education.


Kevin Alltucker has earned broad community support, from labor and business alike, through a lifetime of public service.

Elected officials supporting Kevin for the LCC Board

I am grateful for the support of this growing list of elected officials, both current and prior, who have continued to be great leaders in our community.

  • Phil Barnhart (Former Oregon Representative, District 40 & 11)
  • John Barofsky (EWEB Board of Commissioners)
  • John H. Brown (EWEB Board of Commissioners)
  • Ryan Ceniga (Lane County Commissioner, District 1)
  • Sherry Duerst-Higgins (Lane Education Service District Board, East/South Lane County)
  • Mike Eyster (LCC Board of Education)
  • Pat Farr (Lane County Commissioner, District 4)
  • Austin Folnagy (LCC Board of Education)
  • Beth Gerot (Former Eugene 4J School Board)
  • Randy Groves (Eugene City Councilor, Ward 8)
  • Linda Hamilton (Lane Education Service District Board, at-large)
  • Alicia Hays (Eugene 4J School Board)
  • Holli Johnson (LCC Board of Education)
  • Paul Jorgensen (Bethel School Board)
  • Nora Kent (Lane Education Service District Board)
  • Gary LeClair, MD (former LCC Board member)
  • Sid Leiken (former Springfield mayor and Lane County Commissioner)
  • David Loveall (Lane County Commissioner, District 2)
  • Steve Mital (LCC Board of Education)
  • Judy Newman (Eugene 4J School Board)
  • Brian Obie (former Eugene mayor)
  • Rosie Pryor (LCC Board of Education)
  • Chris Pryor (former Eugene City Councilor, Ward 8)
  • Jeff Ramp (Crow Applegate Lorane School Board)
  • Mindy Schlossberg (EWEB Board of Commissioners)
  • Jim Torrey (former Eugene mayor, 4J School Board member)
  • Angela VanKrause (LCC Board of Education)
  • Lucy Vinis (Eugene Mayor)
  • Marty Wilde (former Oregon Representative, District 11)

Endorsements from Organizations

Alltucker was recently endorsed by Eugene Weekly, as well as receiving an endorsement from the Democratic Party of Lane County and the Eugene Police Employee Association.

These 100+ individuals have already endorsed Kevin for the LCC Board

  • John Aarons
  • Pat Albright
  • Jon Anderson
  • Jim Anderson
  • Janet Anderson & Evelyn Anderton
  • Marta & Ed Barclay
  • Phil Barnhart
  • John Barofsky
  • Casey Barrett
  • Sylvia & John Barry
  • Carol & Marv Berkman
  • David Brewer
  • John H. & Kathy J. Brown
  • Tim Campbell
  • Liz Cawood
  • Ryan Ceniga
  • Jami Sterling Christopherson
  • Gary Christopherson
  • Dan Close
  • Val Taylor Close
  • Kate & Michael Coughlin
  • Lee Daniel
  • Sue & Michael Devereux
  • Sherry Duerst-Higgins
  • Katie Dwyer
  • Mike Dyer
  • Alan Evans
  • Ron Farmer
  • Pat Farr
  • Howard Feinman
  • Scott Freck
  • Gerry Gaydos
  • Beth Gerot
  • Tim Gleason
  • Randy Groves
  • Linda Hamilton
  • Alicia Hays
  • Nori Hemphill
  • James Hill
  • Jon Jaqua
  • Holli Johnson
  • Holli Johnson
  • Paul Jorgensen
  • Joe Karcher
  • Nora Kent
  • Doug Koke
  • Dennis Konrady
  • Lucretia Lake
  • Dr. Johnny Lake
  • Don & Marilyn Lance
  • Gary LeClair, MD
  • Ryan Lee
  • Sid Leiken
  • Donovan LeMay
  • Kip Leonard
  • Ariel Lissman
  • David Loveall
  • Christina Lund
  • Kerry Lutz
  • Walter & Shelley Macbeth
  • Lan Marberry
  • Joy Marshall
  • Grant Matthews
  • Jane & Duncan McDonald
  • Shawn McWeeny
  • Trieber & Michelle Meador
  • Sarah Means
  • Jody Miller
  • Steve Mital
  • Morgan Monro
  • Linda & Dan Montgomery
  • Patsy & Bob Moser
  • Judy Newman
  • Roxann O’Brien
  • David & Kelly Oatman
  • Brian & Karen Obie
  • Maylian Pak
  • Ralph Parshall
  • Marshall Peter
  • Thomas Pettis-Czar
  • Dr. Randall Phelps
  • Jean & James Phelps
  • Robin & Nathan Philips
  • Julie & Stan Pickett
  • Susan & Oren Posner
  • Gary Powell
  • Sue & Hugh Prichard
  • Tai Pruce-Zimmerman
  • Rosie & Chris Pryor
  • Laura & Chris Ramey
  • Jeff Ramp
  • Arlen & Kim Rexius
  • Annie Herz & Greg Rikhoff
  • Sharon Rudnick
  • Mindy Schlossberg
  • Stephanie & Chris Seubert
  • Matt Shapiro
  • Beth Sheehan
  • Bev Smith
  • Kyra Solis
  • Colleen Stangeland
  • Andrew & Julia Stiltner
  • Kelly Sutherland
  • Jean Tate
  • Jeff Todahl
  • Jim Torrey
  • Cathie Twomey-Bellamy
  • Jenny Ulum
  • Angela VanKrause
  • Lucy Vinis
  • Andy Vobora
  • Sid Voorhees
  • Pat Walsh
  • Kelly Warren
  • Sandy & John Watkinson
  • Paul Weinhold
  • Richie Weinman
  • Marty Wilde
  • Mike & Sonia Wildish
  • Steve & Kim Wildish
  • Kitty & Scott Williams
  • Kim Korth Williams
  • Kathy Wiltz
  • Mo Young

Meet Kevin 

I am passionate about increasing access for all students wanting to attend Lane Community College to gain new skills for a better job, explore different career or educational options, or to prepare for a four-year university. I want to work with the LCC Board, president, student groups, faculty, staff, and community partners to increase opportunities for LCC students. I am a proud LCC alumnus and a long-time resident of Lane County.

I have nearly 20 years classroom teaching experience as a university professor and I know what it takes to support all students, including BIPOC and other marginalized student populations. As a professor in Family and Human Services, I have a proven track record in meeting the complex needs of students, including financial, educational, and emotional supports. I am committed to the idea that what is good for LCC students is good for our community.

My previous experiences make me well qualified to help lead LCC into the 21st century. My 20 years as a construction engineer and local business owner helped shape my skills as a collaborative problem-solver. My experience as a university professor allowed me to learn what it takes to support students’ success in the classroom and beyond. My work with nonprofit boards helped me better understand how to help make our community healthier and more resilient. My work with governmental agencies helped me better understand the importance of well functioning public agencies and their role in making our community stronger.


Increasing Access to LCC

Increase access for all students

  • Traditional students (18-22 yrs)
  • Non-traditional students
  • Adult learners
  • High school students
  • Traditionally marginalized students
    • English as a Second Language
    • BIPOC
    • LGBTQ+
    • Justice-system involved

Meeting Student Needs

Meet the needs of 21st century students

  • More Hybrid classrooms (online + in-person)
  • More convenient class schedules (evenings and weekends)
  • More financial, educational, and emotional support
  • Support faculty and staff to increase excellent/innovative teaching and student success.
  • More competency-based certificates

Focus on Local

Position LCC for shifting manufacturing trends

  • Work with regional employers to develop innovative workplace programs
  • Leverage the move away from long supply-chains and increase resiliency of local manufacturing/industry
  • Help prepare students for good paying and meaningful jobs

Watch Kevin’s Announcement

On February 7th, 2023, joined by supporters, Kevin Alltucker officially annoucned his run for the LCC Board of Education, Position 6 (at-large). Rosie Pryor, who currently fills positions 6, introduced Kevin at the center of campus, where Kevin introduced his vision for how he would like to lead LCC to become an event better resource for our community and how he plans to prioritize Access for All. Click below to watch Kevin’s announcement on Facebook.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Mail in ballots must be postmarked by May 16th. Ballots returned to an official dropbox must be deposited by 8:00 PM on May 16th.








News & Updates

Springfield City Club Candidate Forum

On Thursday Kevin participated in a candidate forum hosted by the Springfield City Club and had the opportunity to introduce himself, and answer 11 questions!

His answers focused on:
*Increasing access for all students and increasing enrollment
*Meeting the needs of 21st century students to increase retention
*Positioning LCC to fill the need for more career technical training so that students can get good-paying jobs and stay in our community

Thanks to Paige Walters of the Springfield City Club for arranging this event.

Touring LCC Manufacturing Technology Facility with State Rep. Nancy Nathanson

Kevin and State Representative Nancy Nathanson toured the Lane Community College Manufacturing Technology program facility on campus on Friday, March 17th. They learned how LCC is meeting the needs of students interested in learning manufacturing skills needed for the 21st century! 

Alltucker then met veteran Isiac Torres who is learning how to operate state-of-the-art CNC (computerized numerical control) machines. Isiac is a great example of how LCC is preparing students to access high-paying manufacturing jobs in our community.

Top Score in Chamber Election Guide

Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

After responding to a written questionnaire and in-person interviews, Allutcker received a 9.3/10, which is the highest score for all LLC Board of Education candidates, in the Chamber’s election guide. Check out the guide to see some of Alltucker’s in-depth answers as well as information about other candidates and races taking place this May.

Alltucker for LCC Board

Eugene Weekly Letter to the Editor

Austin Folnagy LCC Board Member

“As a current Lane Community College board member, I believe that Kevin Alltucker would be a great addition to our board. His 20 years classroom teaching experience as a university professor gives him a unique perspective that is an asset to the board.”

Alltucker in Register Guard

“Alltucker has put the focus on students in his campaign, stating he wants to prioritize access to LCC, work with local partners in supporting student career paths and improve the student experience overall.”

Alltucker in Eugene Weekly

“Students need support academically, but they also need financial support, professional mentoring, emotional and behavioral support. Sometimes we forget about that.”

Kevin Alltucker Announces His Run For LCC Board

On a rainy mid-morning in front of the Center Building on Feb. 7, Kevin Alltucker announced his campaign for LCC school board. School board member Rosemary Pryor will be retiring and she endorsed Alltucker to be her replacement.

Alltucker Awarded Lane's Distinguished Alumni for 2011

Many of the students in Kevin’s classes, like him, got their start at Lane. He says, “Lane gave me a solid base for my continuing education and professional career. Lane students coming to the University are consistently well prepared for our program.”

Dr. Kevin Alltucker gives keynote address at Great Rotary Duck Race kickoff in Eugene, OR

“Why our work is not done,” motivated nearly 200 Rotarians for the 26th annual fundraiser that aims to reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County.

High Remarks from Students

Throughout Kevin’s years in education, he has constantly receieved high marks from is students and peers. “Professor Alltucker is my favorite professor at UofO. He is extremely caring, passionate, funny, and a GREAT professor.”